Scientific Meetings5th Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference in Busan, Korea

14 février 20230

We are proud to announce that the CLEAR center was well represented at the 5th Euro-Asia Zeolite Conference (EAZC5) in Busan.

The venue for this event was the beautiful hotel of « The Westin Chosun Busan » held from 5 to 8 of Feb.

The conference was full of talented researchers !

Pr. Svetlana Mintova gave a plenary talk entitled « Challenges and Opportunities in the Discovery and Sustainability of Nanozeolites ».Pr. Jean-Pierre Gilson elaborated on the external surface area of zeolites with a talk entitled « Exploring the external surface of zeolites and derived shaped catalysts ».  

Dr. Sajjad Ghojavand discussed the dynamic behavior of CO2 adsorption with a presentation on « Dynamic CO2/N2 separation using nanosized chabazite zeolite: combined experimental and theoretical study ».

Dr. Igor Golub gave a talk entitled « Impact of pore structure of CHA and GIS zeolites on gas adsoption/separation ».

Mohammad Fahda gave an exciting talk on the implementation of spectroscopic methods to probe acid sites of extra-large pore zeolites entitled « Spectroscopy investigation of the acidic properties of ZEO-1 ».

Our group had great success in this meeting with lots of fruitful discussions.

We would like to especially thank the organizers of this meeting for their great job.

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