Principal Investigators

Dr. Svetlana Mintova

Dr. Svetlana Mintova

Head of Clear Center
CNRS Director of Research
Dr. Valentin Valtchev

Dr. Valentin Valtchev

Head of the Zeolite group
CNRS Director of Research
Prof. Jean-Pierre Gilson

Prof. Jean-Pierre Gilson

Emeritus Professor
Dr. Ludovic Pinard

Dr. Ludovic Pinard

Associate Professor

Permanent Staff©-2370.jpg

Louwanda LAKISS

CNRS Research Engineer, LCS

Louwanda is a research engineer at CNRS, France. She received her PhD in physical chemistry at the University of Haute Alsace (France) under the supervision of Dr. Joël Patarin. The focus of her research is in the fields of synthesis and shaping of microporous materials, advanced characterizations by spectroscopy and catalysis. Her main research interests focus on advanced characterization of zeolites by infrared and NMR spectroscopies, using appropriate probe molecules. She is responsible for two technical platforms in the LCS: “synthesis” and “catalysis” platforms. She is also a council member of the French zeolite group (GFZ).


Assistant Professor

Jaâfar received his PhD (1992) at the University of Srasbourg, supervised by François LeNormand, CNRS researcher, on the study of the redox properties of rare earth oxides as catalyst supports by X-ray photoemission and photoabsorption spectroscopies and applications to CO/H2 synthesis. He was appointed assistant professor in 1993 and worked on ceramics until 2010 (synthesis and forming parameters and sintering to obtain microwave resonators). he joined the Catalysis and Spectrochemistry Laboratory, Normandie University, CNRS in 2010. His current research focuses on the characterization and applications of crystallized microporous materials.

Research Highlights: preparation of zeolitic thin films and their applications as catalytic deposits, chemical sensors and catalytic membranes.©-2368.jpg

Post-Doctoral Researchers©-2476.jpg

Eddy DIB

Postdoctoral Researcher

Eddy received his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from the National Graduate School of Engineering of Montpellier, France in 2014. In addition to teaching his research interests cover the understanding of the relationships between local order/disorder and the properties of zeolites combining experimental and theoretical approaches of multinuclear Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). As Research Scientist at the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry (LCS), Normandy University, CNRS, France.

Research Highlights: Deep characterization of defects in zeolites to fine-tune their properties and performances.


Postdoctoral Researcher

Edwin received his PhD (2019) from The University of Sydney, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Anthony F. Masters and Prof. Thomas Maschmeyer, on a combined investigation of homogeneous cobalt catalysts for water and biomass oxidation, and metal nitrides for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. Currently, he works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France. His current research interests focus on new syntheses and characterisation of nano-sized zeolites for applications in gas separation including CO2 capture.

Research Highlights: OSDA-free synthesis of BPH nanosheets, Flexible RHO Nanosized Zeolite for Selective CO2 Adsorption©-2429.jpg©-2466.jpg


Postdoctoral Researcher

Hugo received his PhD (2021) from the University of Poitiers (France), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Ludovic Pinard, Prof. Yannick Pouilloux and Assoc. Prof. Romain Beauchet on the development and investigation of a millisecond reactor process dedicated to producing linear α-olefins from n-paraffins and fatty acids methyl esters through autothermal oxidative cracking. Currently, he works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France. His current research interests focus on the catalytic conversion of the components present in natural gas, including the direct conversion of methane into benzene through dehydroaromatization under non-oxidative conditions.

Research Highlights: Catalytic methane dehydroaromatization into benzene.


Postdoctoral Researcher

Maxime  received his PhD degree from the University of Caen, France in 2019.

He is currently a Post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratories LCS and CRISMAT, ENSICAEN, Caen, France.

Research Highlights:  Synthesis of zeolites and the characterization of porous materials by electron microscopy in order to study the structure and the microstructure of those materials.©-2452.jpg©-2337.jpg


Postdoctoral Researcher

Abdallah joined the Mintova group in April 2021 as postdoctoral research and his research involves development of new approaches for synthesis of nano-sized zeolites, their advanced characterization for biomedical application. He obtained a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University Hassan II of Casablanca, Morocco, in 2021 where he worked on the design and synthesis of nanostructured phosphate based-materials, characterization and their applications as heterogeneous catalysts for synthesis of fine chemicals and environmental protection (e.g. photocatalysis, adsorption and separation).

Research Highlights: Template-free synthesis of nanosized zeolite, Characterization of nanosized zeolite materials


Postdoctoral Researcher

Mishel received his PhD (2022) from the Saint Petersburg State University, supervised by Prof. Dr. Oleg I. Siidra, on investigation of crystal-chemical features of novel compounds with stereoactive lone pairs of Se4+, Te4+ and Tl+ cations. Currently, he works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France. His current research involves development of new approaches for synthesis of template-free nano-sized zeolites and advanced characterization with a special attention to the influence of symmetry elements on the zeolite crystal structure features.

Research Highlights: Novel tiles, secondary building units, crystal structures.©-2347.jpg©-2371.jpg


Postdoctoral Researcher

Igor received his PhD (2016) from A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Victor P. Dyadchenko and Dr. Oleg A. Filippov, where he coordinated the research direction of main group hydrides and worked on synthesis of transition metal tetrahydroborates, characterization of physico-chemical properties of boranes/silanes and studied of the mechanisms of dehydrocoupling reactions. Currently, he works as a postdoctoral researcher in the LCS, Normandy University, CNRS, France.

Research Highlights : Synthesis of micro- and nanosized zeolites and hydrides for gas storage, gas adsorption and separations.

Qiudi YUE

Postdoctoral Researcher

Qiudi Yue obtained his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from Charles University in Prague in 2021, supervised by Dr. Maksym Opanasenko and Prof. Jiří Čejka, where he worked on the design and synthesis of elementosilicate zeolites and their applications in gas separation and catalysis. Then he moved to the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry in 2022 working with Dr. Svetlana Mintova as a postdoctoral researcher on the development of new methodologies for the tailored synthesis of zeolites with particular properties for catalytic applications.

Research Highlights : New zeolite structures and crystallization mechanism, New approaches for the synthesis of zeolite materials, Gas separation and catalysis.©-2456.jpg©-2420.jpg


Doctoral Student

Sajjad received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Iran) and working in different projects related to natural gas processing disciplines, Sajjad was awarded a full Erasmus Mundus scholarship to peruse triple M.Sc. degrees as part of the European program entitled “Membrane Engineering for a Sustainable World (EM3E-4SW)” in University of Montpellier (France), University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (Czech Republic), and University of Twente (the Netherlands). He focused on material science and engineering in France, chemical engineering in Czech Republic, and inorganic chemistry and synthesis in the Netherlands with special focus on membrane science and technology. On 2019, he started his PhD in chemistry in the University of Caen, LCS under supervision of Dr. Mintova.

Research Highlights : Synthesizing and characterizing novel nanosized zeolites for light gas separation (CO2, CH4, N2, H2, etc.).


Doctoral Student

Vera received her master’s degree (2019) from Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, supervised by Prof. Tatyana Prosochkina, on analysis of the catalytic properties of crystalline and amorphous aluminosilicates in the synthesis of benzimidazoles. Presently she is undertaking Ph.D. research in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France.

Research Highlights : Synthesis and characterization of metal sulfide-modified embryonic zeolites for applications in oxidative ethane dehydrogenation.©-2399.jpg
Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Highlights

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Highlights:


Mohammad FAHDA

Doctoral Student


Doctoral Student

Jaouad obtained his master’s degree in catalysis, environment and sustainable development at The University of Caen. During the end-of-study internship he worked on the ultimate purification of 2G biofuel by selective adsorption of oxygenated impurities under the supervision of Dr Karine Thomas. Currently he started his PhD at the LCS under the supervision of Prof. Valentin Valtchev.

Research Highlights : Advanced design of zeolite materials for small molecule purification and separation.©-2417.jpg©-2409.jpg


Doctoral Student

Aymeric graduated from the University of Poitiers (2021), Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France and worked in an apprenticeship at Solvay on the surface modification of 2D boron nitride as a filler in a polymer composite for thermal conductivity applications.

Currently, he works as a PhD student in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France.

Research Highlights: Preparation of novel nanosized zeolites for selective gas separation applications.


Doctoral Student

A. Omran holds a bachelor degree of Chemistry, Information Technology diploma, and Msc. Degree in Physical Chemistry with excellence from Egypt. In 2019, he obtained his MSc. In Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University with focus on computational catalysis under the supervision of Dr.Nimir Elbashir. In parallel to his academic studies, he has extensive industrial experience in design, commissioning and operation of several petrochemical and the largest LNG plant worldwide. Ahmed is active member of several chemical engineering and chemistry societies including MAIChE (USA), AMIChemE (UK), SFGP (France), SFP (France) and EFCE. Currently a PhD student under supervision of Dr.V. Valtechev and Dr.N. Nesterenko, his work focuses on combining the computational studies (e.g. AI/ML driven DFT, MD and polarizable continuum model) with experimental ones for data-driven multi-scale material and process design for energy transition. In particular, his research focuses on the environmental friendly application of nanoporous clathrate hydrates or “zeolitic ice” for hydrogen storage, CCS, and methane storage and monetization.

Research Highlights : H2 storage in clathrate hydrates, Long-term storage of methane in clathrate hydrates, CO2-CH4 replacement of energy recovery and CCS, Combined gas separation and sequestration in gas clathrate.©-2403.jpg©-2396.jpg

Haonuan ZHAO

Doctoral Student

Haonuan obtained her Master degree of inorganic chemistry from Shandong Agricultural University, China in 2020, where her 3rd year project was focused on different projects related to the growth mechanism and morphology control of inorganic particles in nanoscale. On 2021, she started as a PhD student in chemistry the Laboratory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France, under supervision of Dr. Valentin Valtchev.

Research Highlights : Synthesis and characterization of zeolite-like porous materials for applications in light gas separation including the water vapor capture and release with low energy consumption.

Visiting Researchers


Visiting Researcher

Iago received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) – Brazil, working with mesoporous silicas as basic catalysts for transesterification. Currently, he is developing his Ph.D. research on the application of zeolite precursors with grafted silanes for base and acid-base catalysis. He joined the CLEAR group for one year stay to perform part of the experiments under the supervision of Svetlana Mintova.

Research Highlights: Catalytic properties of aluminosilicates grafted with propylamine groups.©-2411.jpg©-2393.jpg

Yanfeng SHEN

Visiting Researcher

Yanfeng received his Master degree (2019) from the China University of Petroleum (East China), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Zhengxing Qin and Prof. Xinmei Liu, on investigation of the dissolution behavior of zeolite crystals in fluoride medium. Currently, he works as a PHD student in the China University of Petroleum (East China), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Zhengxing Qin and Prof. Svetlana Mintova and also as a visiting from 2022 in the Laboatory of Catalysis and Spectrochemistry, Normandy University, CNRS, France. His current research interests focus on the zeolite synthesis and characterization.

Research Highlights: chemical gradient in zeolite crystals, crystallization mechanism

Shuang TAN


Research Highlights :.©-2389.jpg

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LCS and Clear Main Administrator©-2366.jpg
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Chemistry and Physical Sciences Technician
Ingenior Assistant
Valérie RUAUX
Research Ingenior