Workshop/Conferences3rd International Research Network (IRN) China – France meeting Zeolites

3rd IRN

The 3rd International Research Network (IRN) China -France meeting Zeolites was held in Paris-France from the 28th to the 30th of June 2023.

This meeting gathered researchers from China and France including Jilin University, the China University of Petroleum and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics as well as the Centre of Zeolites and Nanoporous Materials CLEAR supported from the Region of Normandy at LCS, CRISMAT, LASIRE and CEYCERON in France.

The IRN Zeolite supported by CNRS and China Academy of Science (CAS) is a platform for fostering the existing collaboration between the research teams, knowledge exchange, and innovative thinking on zeolite science.

The program for the workshop covered a broad spectrum of topics, from fundamental studies on zeolite synthesis and characterization to their industrial applications and technological advancements.

We have brought together distinguished experts who shared their insights, experiences, and cutting-edge research, enriching our collective understanding of zeolites.


The IRN Zeolites is a platform for cultural exchange and our common goals are fostering understanding, respect, and appreciation of different cultures!

Special thanks to CNRS for the financial support of the IRN Zeolites!

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