Prof. Ludovic PINARD

Associate Professor

Assoc. Prof. Ludovic Pinard

Associate professor in the National Graduate School of Chemistry in Poitiers (ENSIP) at the University of Poitiers.

After a Ph.D. at the University of Poitiers in the zeolite team of M. Guisnet on the catalytic removal of volatile organic compounds (2002), he joined in 2003 the group of J. Barrault specialized in the catalysis by the oxides for a post of Associate Professor. For 5 years, he worked in the field of removal of VOC by coupling non-thermal-plasma with catalysis.

In 2008, he changed of research thematic to develop projects related to the synthesis of alternative fuels and catalyst deactivation and regeneration. In addition, he is involved in the catalytic evaluation of zeolites for refining and petrochemical applications. In 2014, he spent one year as Visiting Professor at Sherbrooke University (Canada) to develop skills in the energetic valorization of biomass.

His current research interests include bi-functional catalysis, study of catalysis deactivation and regeneration, the design and shaping of materials on various porous length scales, and their application as heterogeneous catalysts. He is the coordinator of ANR PYCASSO project (on fundamentals of biomass pyrolysis, 2021-2025), several industrial projects (more than 15), and is involved in the European project ZEOCAT 3D and a chaire of excellence in Normandie (Bio-DNH).

He is co-author of almost  100 international publications (h-index 29), 6 patents, and 4 Book chapters, and more than 110 oral communications in international and national congress.

Current research interests include the design and shaping of materials on various porous length scales and their application as heterogeneous catalysts.