VisitsVISIT of CNRS delegation of the Zeolite Team and the CLEAR Center, 23/01/23

26 janvier 20230

We were delighted to host a delegation from the INC-CNRS led by Mr. Jacques Maddaluno, Director of the National Institute of Chemistry (INC), accompanied by Mr Jean-Luc Moullet (Deputy CEO for Innovation in CNRS), Mehran MOSTAFAVI (Deputy Scientific Director of INC), Pascal Breuilles (Deputy Scientific Director, Industrial & International Partnership) and Maria Gomez (Head of valorization, INC) to present and discuss the great research outcome and emulation around the zeolite activities in LCS .

After general presentation of the Zeolite group by Valentin and the Clear center by Svetlana, a selected panel of our fantastic Phd and post doc got the chance to present and discuss their projects with our guests with the focus being set on the importance of Zeolites in current global economy and how to best engineer them to tackle the important questions raised by our evolving world. Presented research topics went from modern catalysis and gas storage/purification/separation to biomedical applications and water saving, highlithing the great variety of major usecases of these materials.

The IRN partnership recently sealed between CNRS and China, thanks to the work initiated by Svetlana, was also presented. We are very proud of this achievment and cannot wait to present the future great outcomes.

Discussion time with INC and our CNRS guests was very productive with many relevant questions being asked and answered regarding Zeolite science and industrial partnerships.
The best valorisation of our results is always in our mind. Feeling the support of the CNRS innovation means a lot to us ! Thank you for taking the time to come listen to us.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the lab visit and our guests could see how and where the Zeolite science is made using our state-of-the-art synthesis, characterization and application equipments and infrastructure.

We thanks again the INC and all the CNRS representative for their visit, comments and advices. With your support, we will only get better and improve the excellency and international recognition of our lab.



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